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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 16, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a.m. pacific and 2:00 in the afternoon here on the west coast. back here. see you then with the latest buzz. well, you know, it seems like the presidential race is in full swing. candidates preparing for the first presidential contest next february right now in the dog days of august. it's been a very busy weekend for all the presidential hopefuls as they are hitting the sunday public affairs news programs this morning after campaigning hard in iowa and that meant all the fried food at the iowa state fair. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. this is america's news headquarters. >> and i'm arthel neville. all this coming as we get a brand new fox news poll of the gop field following the first primary debate and kristen fisher monitoring the developments live from washington. kristen?
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>> reporter: hi, arthel and eric. you know, this poll is important because it's the first poll to come out taken a few days after the debate so republican primary voters watched the debate and all the post-game analysis and really thinks about it. turns out most thought donald trump lost the debate but didn't seem to hurt him in the polls. check this out. trump dropped one point to 25% and still has a commanding double-digit lead over the rest of the field. closest competitor is no longer jeb bush who dropped to 9% and scott walker is also way down so the big winner tes cruz, neurosurgeon ben carson and, of course, the front-runner donald trump. here's what he had to say about it this morning on "meet the press." >> i've had a lot of fun, and i'm leading in the polls. i go on your show. you'll get the highest ratings you've had in years. i mean it's one of those things assuming people know i'm on. look what fox. look what happened to fox. it's a whole crazy thing going on, and all i care about, and this is $100% truthful. i love this country and i want to make it great again.
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>> well, 13 points behind trump in second according to this latest poll is ben carson of the today on "fox news sunday" he talked foreign policy, specifically why he called president obama a, quote, anti-semitic. listen. >> i think anything is anti-semitic that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who want to destroy them and to sort of ignore that and to act like, you know, everything is normal there, and that these people are paranoid. i think that that's anti-semitic. >> this new poll is also showing a slight shake-up on the democratic side. hillary clinton still has a commanding 19-point lead, but this is the first time she's dropped below 50 misand sanders just keeps on climbing. here's what he had to say about his success on one of the other sunday shows this morning. >> we are resonating all over this country and here in iowa
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because we're talking about issues that are life and death issues to the american people, and that is the collapse of the american middle class, the massive and grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in this country. >> one other thing to note in this new poll, vice president joe biden came in at 10%, and we still don't even know for sure if he's running so certainly some troubling trends for clinton campaign in this new poll. back to you, arthel. >> thank you very much. meanwhile hillary clinton shrugging off the questions over her private computer server and all the e-mails while she was secretary of state. clinton is dismissing the controversy calling it, quote, partisan games and now we're hearing widespread reaction to her response. elizabeth pran is live in washington with those details. >> reporter: hillary clinton continues to downplay reports that her tenure as secretary of state is plagued by the accusations she sent and received classified material on
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a private server, an illegal act she continues to deny. chairman trey gowdy is investigating the benghazi attack and claims clinton wanted control about the information pertaining to the inner workings of her office by using that private address and server. gowdy has always been a vocal opponent and called on her to turn over her server back in march. she didn't do so until just a few days ago. in his opinion it appears clinton is hiding something. >> the greater steps that you take to clean something or delete something, that's a higher level of concealment. that's a higher level of consciousness of concealment so your viewers have to ask themselves to what lengths would they go to delete a yoga e-mail? >> reporter: inspector general for federal agencies claims at least four of clinton's e-mails contained classified information, this while the presidential candidate has pledged to cooperate with the government's investigation. >> i never sent classified
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material on my e-mail, and i never received any that was marked classified, so i'm going to let whatever this inquiry is to go forward and will, you know, await the outcome of it. >> reporter: clinton went on to say that's not what voters are talking about, but early polling numbers paint a very differentp. according to a new fox news poll 58% of americans think the former secretary of state knowingly lied about the classified information in her e-mails. arthel, back to you. >> elizabeth pran, thank you for the report. >> reporter: thanks. >> don't like it, people have backed saudi arabia. what i real mind though is we back it at tremendous expense. we get nothing for it. >> that was republican presidential candidate donald trump this morning laying out his strategy against the radical islamic terrorists of isis. he says saudi arabia should be ponying up and paying us for all the support that we give the
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desert kingdom and also outlined his overall foreign policy, one that he says involves the united states putting our troops on the ground in the fight against isis. will that work? ambassador john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor who joins us this morning from sfran francisco. he says troops should go in and take the oil fields to choke the financial spigots that fuel isis. will that succeed? >> certainly under president obama we have no strategy at all. do i think the regional powers like saudi arabia, like turkey, like the arab monarchies generally need to put more effort into it, but i think it's a mistake to think that without american leadership they are going to be able to do it on their own and while they certainly face an enormous threat from isis it's not sufficient for us to say let them work it out. it's their responsibility. we face a threat from isis.
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western europe faces a threat from isis. this is going to require american leadership to stop isis, whether we like to talk about it or not. >> mr. trump is not only critical of the obama administration but also saudi arabia. he says they make $1 billion a day and we get nothing and take a look at this. i mean, they have 227,000 troops, 600 tanks, 313 fighter jets. the defense spending, number three. the u.s. is at 581 billion and china 129 billion and saudi arabia, they are the number three at 88.8 billion, ahead of putin's russia. that's unbelievable. why won't they step up and join this fight against the isis threat that's in their backyard? >> well, let's not forget they bought a lot of that weaponry from us, and thank goodness for that. i think they are reluctant to do more against isis because they don't know what position the united states is going to take. they don't know what their risk might be. that's not to excuse them. it's to say that in the absence of american leadership, whether
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in the middle east or eastern or central europe or in the western pacific smaller nations, whatever their defense budget, don't know how to cope with these kinds of threats. this is what american leadership is all about, to protect our interests and those of our allies, and in the absence of an effective american leader this is what you get. >> well, what would you say an effective american leader should do? >> well, i think the united states has to take the lead in dealing with isis. i think there's no blinking that reality. i think it's in our interest to see isis destroyed as soon as possible. i recall winston churchill's comments about the russian revolution. he said we should have strangled bolshevism in its cradle. that's what we should be doing to isis right now. doing very nearly the opposite of that. it will take american boots on the ground. you can't blank that reality either, but more importantly it requires american political decisiveness to pull together the kurds, the turks, the saudis, the other arabs to be an effective opposition to isis.
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>> the president says they will train the rebels like 5,000 a year. that should be enough. >> yeah. that's ridiculous. it goes along with the pitifully inadequate american air strikes, the pathetic efforts to arm the so-called syrian opposition, completely inadequate efforts to arm the kurds and very uncoordinated activity even with turkey and certainly with the arab oil-producing monarchies on the peninsula. i think it's clear to everybody that the united states under obama doesn't know what it wants to do, and that's one reason that there's indecision on the ground in the region. >> finally this morning on "meet the press" he called you a tough cookie and says that he admirers you. any reaction? >> well, you know, i think my record would show that unlike barack obama or john kerry i don't crumble in negotiations. >> well, the north koreans have called you a blood thirsty fiendish bloodsucker and very ugly fellow so being a tough cookie from donald trump is a bit better. ambassador, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, eric.
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>> arthel. >> speaking of turmoil in the middle east, air raids near the syrian capital kill more than 80 people and wound hundreds more. syrian government warplanes carrying out the attacks on the rebel-held suburb of duma hitting a busy market just northeast of damascus during rush hour. now this marks one of the deadliest incidents since the civil war began more than four years ago. >> meanwhile, neighboring jordan, head of the country's border guards says militants there are trying to sneak into the country from america. militants have been trying to blend in with syrian refugees in an attempt to smuggle weapons and drugs into jordan and the infiltration attempts have so far been blocked thanks to surveillance systems that consist of radar and search towers. >> search for survivors of a crashed airlinener indonesia will continue tomorrow morning officials confirming they found the wreckage of the turboprop plane in the eastern region of the country. the plane was moments away from
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land when it lost contact with the airport. will carr is live from our west coast bureau with more. will? >> reporter: hi, arthel. we've learned that this airline has a checkered past when it comes to safety. now, we just got video in from a press conference that was held just a short time ago. what we learned is that the plane took off from the regional capital of jiapora and half hour later lost contact with air traffic control and the plane was reported to be flying very low. 54 people on board, 44 adults, five members of the crew and five children and infants. search teams are continuing to look for wreckage monday coming first light. papua is 50 miles directly north of australia and the area where the plane disappeared is unpredictable at best and definitely bad weather at the time of the crash. the plane is an atr-4300 owned
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by trigana air service. trigana has had 14 serious incidents since it started back in 1991, including losing ten planes in just the past 14 years. it's been on the european black list of banned carriers since 2007. while investigators will certainly look into the weather conditions that happened during this crash, they will also look into the airliner's safety record and try to determine if there was anything that could have been done to prevent this tragedy. arthel? >> okay. thank you so much, will. cleanup efforts are under way at the site of two mavis explosions in china. as many as 112 people now confirmed dead following powerful blasts in a port city just east of beijing. dozens more are missing, including at least ten fire fighters. about 3,000 soldiers are trying to help clear dangerous chemicals in the area. wednesday's explosions rocked the warehouse housing hazardous chemicals. now the cause of the blast is being investigated, but some media reports say the warehouse
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had a surplus of a toxic substance. >> arthel, president obama on vacation at martha's vineyard has got some high-powered friends with him. what his golf outing, there with former president bill clinton and that party last night, birthday party with vernon jordan with hillary. how does this fit into the speculation about mr. obama's vice president joe biden possibly jumping into the race? we're live on martha's vineyard with all of this coming up. >> okay. plus, new polls out on donald trump. what voters thought of his debate performance, and you might be surprised to learn how that impacted his standing. ♪ when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like...
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and some new developments in the controversial nuclear deem with iran to tell you b.arizona republican senator jeff flake has become the latest senator to announce his opposition ahead of that congressional vote on the agreement next month. flake had been the lone republican still weighing support for the deal. 20 senate democrats do support it but prominent new york democrat senator chuck schumer like flake bailed on it. he did that last week. how is it going on the white count? white house correspondent kevin corke joins us from edgartown, massachusetts on martha's vineyard where the president is vacation. hi, kevin. >> reporter: great to talk to you, as always. i think it will be very interesting to watch this real life drama unfold as we head to the end of summer over on capitol hill and just to give the folks at home sort of an idea how it should all play out i've broken it up into acts. act number one, as you know, the house, of course, is going to tell the support we're against
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this deal. they will plan a vote following the 80-day review to vote against the iran nuclear agreement. that, of course, will be followed by a long promised presidential veto and then act two, congress will then try to override that presidential veto but the question is can the white house maintain just enough support to withstand the override threat in the white house needs to lose no more than 13 house democrats to sustain that veto. then act three over in the senate critics would need 13 democrats and/or independents who caucus with them to override the veto. the bar is high to be sure and the white house remains supremely confident that they have the numbers to hold. meanwhile our latest fox news survey, if you were in congress how would you vote on the iran nuclear deal? get this, an overwhelming majority 58% would reject the deal to just 32%. all this means, of course, the president will spend a lot of his time on martha's vineyard being somewhat busy. yes, he's got time with the family, a little fun and
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fellowship and will likely be making up the phone to be reaching out to lawmakers as we get very close to that vote. as for the president himself, yes, he has had a little fun here, not any need to talked about the iran dole out on the golf course yesterday as he had a little sand trap summit with former president bill clinton, the two men hitting the links ahead of a party last night. that party attended, by the way, by democratic front-runner hillary clinton whoegs dipping poll numbers, particularly in new hampshire, have given rise to the notion there may be a new entry into the race, the vice president, joe biden, said to be pondering a one-term bid. very interesting as we watch it unfold from our vantage point in martha's vineyard which, by the way, is where hillary clinton is having a couple of fund-raisers and attended a $1,000 entry fund-raiser earlier today on the vineyard and will head over to nantucket to do a little bit more of in a. meantime, the president and his family are likely to relax today and spend it poolside, we're
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told. back to you. >> all right, k. corke, that's what you get, go from the white house to no tie. going native, i real like that. >> reporter: no tie, chilling out. >> two weeks on martha's vineyard. kevin, thank you. >> not bad. >> eat loads of lobster while you're at it. joining susa reporter for "the hill" and kevin, good to see think morning. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. >> yes. >> as she has unmatchable experience but at the moment she's facing trust issues. then you have donald trump. he's an accomplished businessman but never held public office so here's the question for you, kevin. how can hillary clinton gain some of the new to the party enthusiasm that trump has and what does donald trump need to do to show that he can amass a war chest of key advisers that he can take to the white house? >> arthel, great question. first and foremost, i think that the hillary clinton campaign is doing something that they did not do during her first presidential run in 2008 and
9:22 am
highlighting she would be the first female presidential candidate if elected into office so she's really trying to capture some of that energy in order to have that history-breaking type of candidacy, but thank said, as you alluded, to she's facing dipping trustworthiness poll numbers and this, of course, is because in part of the e-mail controversy and that the same time that's happening you have senator bernie sanders, a self-described socialist from vermont, surging in the polls. it could give opening i think, a lot of the central artery jists i think to someone else like a vice president biden or governor o'malley might get a second look. as for donald trump, i think that the folks that i'm talking with in trump's world are adamant that they are assembling a team of top political advisers in states like new hampshire and iowa, and i think that you -- you've got to remember that this is a guy who created a multi-billion dollar business empire. he grew his family business so i think that he has experience assembling that team, but
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there's no question that he's one calling the shots on his campaign. >> all right. you know, typically at this point in the campaign season, you know, mid-august, candidates can lay back and coast a bit but because it's so early in the race, that's why they do it. you know, trump is running so fast, so quickly. does this put pressure kevin, on the other candidates to run some sprints in the midst of this longer race? >> great question. there is no doubt that mr. trump is more than just a flash in the pan. even former florida governor jeb bush is calling him a quote, unquote, phenomenon, but if i was making adiction i think we're about to see a battle of the board rooms between mr. trump and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina who performed amazingly at the under card debate and is poised to be on the main stage at the second republican presidential debate, and i think that she is a political outsider that is definitely going to get a look from voters, and we could see a showdown between mr. trump and carly fiorina.
9:24 am
>> can't wait to talk to you after the debate. right now i want to take a look at a new fox news poll looking at the shake-up in the gop field after the first debate as well as a peek into the democratic field. who is up, ben carson, ted cruz and carly fiorina and down senator rand paul and bob jush and wisconsin governor scott walker and on to democrats quickly vermont senator bernie sanders continues to make gains on former secretary of state hillary clinton as you had already -- as we reported earlier. kevin, what's the takeaway for the candidates that we just mentioned? >> reporter: i think the takeaway is people are craving an authentic, candid and passionate candidate. they want someone who will be able to speak off the cuff, to really communicate with them. they are sick of the same old type of political candidates that we've seen in past cycles, and i do think that some of the more moderate republican candidates actually quite frankly haverationed a lot of money and are in a good position, including senator
9:25 am
rubio, including former governor bush. they are in this for the long term. they have got a lot of money. i think it's going to be one heck of a super tuesday on march 1st for the republicans. >> and we leave it there. kevin cirilli, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> sure. arthel, they say you should not cry over spilled milk but what about stolen milk? turns out milk coolers that they leave out for home deliveries, they have been targeted by thieves in boulder county colorado. the front porch thefts happening over the period. past several days. they say it's just milk for now. victims of the milk thefts say it's a little unnerving. >> i believe they are selling, it wouldn't you think? >> black milk market. i just imagine somebody is following the milk truck two blocks behind and picking up the milk behind them. >> policemen have no leads and the dairy company says they will replace all the stolen milk for the customers. how about that? >> former president jimmy carter's bombshell cancer diagnosis could be shining a
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kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm eric shawn. joining us as always dr. marc siegel of langone medical center and author of "inner pulse," unlocking the secret code of sickness and held" >> >> and dr. david samadi chief of robotics at lenox hill hospital. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we start with poignant news you might have heard b.former president jimmy carter has been diagnosed with cancer. the 39th president made that announcement a week after he had a small mass removed from his


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